1/31/09 Libby received her 1st leg towards her WWPD with a pull of 1225 pounds

1/30/09 Ozzy received his 2nd leg of his WWPD with a pull of 1225 pounds

1/30/09 Bjorke was WB at Sawnee Mt. KC for 2 points

12/06/08 Libby goes BOS at the Supported Entry in North Carolina.

10/25/08 Ozzy gets his first leg on his WWPD with a pull of 1105 lbs.

10/23/08 Libby and Ozzy both finish their CHAMPIONSHIPS with a 3 - point major each at the Griffin K.C. show.

05/04/08 Libby goes WB for her 2nd major out of the 9-12 puppy class at the Clemson K.C. show.

04/12/08 Libby goes WB for 1st major out of 9-12 class at Atlanta Kennel Club show.

03/30/08 Ozzy goes WD and Bjorke goes BOW at the Griffin K.C. Show.

03/29/08 Bjorke goes WB at the Newnan K.C. Show.

02/01/08 Ozzy goes WD for a 4-point major at 6 months old at the Sawnee Mt. K.C. show.